Archive 2018: From Ditch to Bastion

2018 Venue 11

Berwick Holiday Park entrance along Northumberland Avenue
(Park at railway station or at Castlegate car park and walk)

"I must admit the new wall is marvellous, beautiful", was an opinion voiced to Queen Elizabeth about the bastioned fortifications in 1568... before condemning them as badly designed and a waste of money! On this historic walk Jim Herbert takes you on a journey amongst the northern medieval defences of Berwick that actually saw some action in the Anglo-Scottish wars and bear witness to the changes in technology from the earliest ditch defence to the 16th century bastions.

About the author 

Homer Lindsay

Retired Global ERP Financial Applications Analyst and Developer with an interest in people; places; photography.

A member of the Berwick Heritage Open Days Steering Group and its website developer.