Archive 2018: Greenses Arabs & Fish Tales

2018 Venue 13

Meet at the corner of High Greens and Bell Tower Place opposite Holy Trinity School

Saturday16:00 (1-1.5 hours) Booking required - see page 2

Join local Archivist, Linda Bankier as she leads you on a short walk to discover the stories of the families that lived and worked in the cottages and smokehouses of the Greenses. The Greenses is so called because until the 19th century, although located within the town's medieval walls, much of the land was still open field. A fishing community, the locals were called Greenses Arabs on account of the men's beards and swarthy complexions acquired from putting to sea in all weathers.

About the author 

Homer Lindsay

Retired Global ERP Financial Applications Analyst and Developer with an interest in people; places; photography.

A member of the Berwick Heritage Open Days Steering Group and its website developer.