Archive 2018: Old Coastguard Station

2018 Venue 19    

The Old Coastguard Station is located on the cliffs near Magdalene Fields Golf Course clubhouse (TD15 1NE). (Access to the tower is along a short clifftop path. Access to the upper floor of the tower is by a steep ladder)

Commanding superlative views of the beautiful North Northumberland coast, the Old Coastguard Tower was built in 1964 but four years later, was closed down and became derelict. In 2002, Coastwatch UK, a national organisation took over the building. Local volunteers now man the station every weekend and act as extra eyes for HM Coastguard, HM Customs and Excise and the Police. Over the years they have reported 367 incidents. Members of the public are invited into this small building to talk to the volunteers about the work they do and see the local wildlife.

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Homer Lindsay

Retired Global ERP Financial Applications Analyst and Developer with an interest in people; places; photography.

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