Archive 2018: Berwick Town Hall & Bell Ringing

2018 Venue 25

Berwick Town Hall

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Over the weekend, the Town Hall will act as the information point for the Berwick HODS events. If you want to find out what is going on in the town; directions to sites or simply experience what is on offer in the building, we’re open from 10:00-16:00 on Saturday and 11:00–16:00 on Sunday.

Especially For young people:

◆ Experience being an archaeologist with the Young Archaeologists Club (Saturday only)
◆    Find out about Cholera in Berwick in the 19 th century through a comic created by Berwick Academy Year 9 students.
◆    Berwick “Then and Now” quiz

Berwick Town Hall

This year the Guildhall has lots to offer :

Berwick Facades - photo exhibition of Berwick in the late '60s & '70s along with some aerial views. What can you recognise and what has disappeared?
Historic information about individual buildings in Berwick.
Films of Berwick from 1911 to the 1970s – step back in time!
Talks on the History of the Townhall and 16 th century Berwick.
Berwick Cockles – discover how these sweets were made (Sunday).
Berwick May Fair – can you put a name to the face in the photograph taken outside the Guildhall in 1951.

Take the Herring Girl Challenge! Hands on Fun. Fishermen have chased the shoals of herring along Britain’s coast for centuries. Eaten fresh, pickled or smoked (as kippers), herring was a cheap staple food for many. Once the boats were in and the herring were landed, crews of ‘herring lassies’ packed the fish into barrels. They could fill one barrel with 1,200 fish every 10 minutes. That’s two fish every second, and 20 fish every 10 seconds! Can you pack twenty fish in 10 seconds? Have a go and find out!

Local History bookstall and refreshments available - there's something for everyone.

Saturday 10:00-16:00, Sunday 11:00-16:00 Town Hall, Marygate

Bell Ringing

Meet at the side entrance of the Town Hall (steep steps to venue)

Friday 12:00-14:00, Saturday 14:00-16:00, Sunday 16:00-18:00

Visit the Town Hall's bell tower which has a ring of eight bells and a curfew bell. Climb to the ringing chamber (passing through the
town's old gaol!) and see a demonstration of bell ringing, examine a model bell and watch a computer simulation of change-ringing
Learn about how ringing developed, how bells are hung in a manner that enables even very small people to ring very large bells and perhaps, try bell ringing yourself!

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