2019 Berwick venues and events – 16

Tweedmouth and Spittal
This year there are a number of events taking place
across the river in Tweedmouth and Spittal:

A Hint of History - Spittal Point (Walk)

Venue 25

What was Spittal and Spittal Point like in the past? Enjoy a walk with local historian Raine Bryant pointing out its history in bygone times. The walk covers Sandstell Dunes, Spittal Point, North Greenwich Road and East Street. History is hinted at by the remains left behind, giving clues of a very different past. You will learn about fishing, lifeboats, the rocket house, the ferry, industry, tourism, abattoirs and a school, by means of anecdotal evidence and photos from village residents.
Friday 10:00, Saturday 10:00 and Sunday 10:00 (about one hour)
(booking required) Meet at Sandstell Road Car Park

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