Berwick Buildings Nostalgia Quiz

Round 2 of our Berwick Then and Now Quiz investigates the more recent history of Berwick through a series of photographs taken in 2009 and 2010. You may not think much has changed in the town over the last decade but this quiz will provoke some unexpected nostalgia and restore your faith in our modern high street. There will be no answers page in this round because we want to hear your stories and memories of shops that have disappeared over the last few years. Send us an email at or click on these links to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Examine each thumbnail pair, try to identify the building and let us know what you think. 

Click an image to enlarge it; press ESC to return to this page

(The building number identifies the image; please use it in your response to identify the building)

Building 1A 2010

Building 1B 2021

Building 6A 2010

Building 6B 2021

Building 7A 2010

Building 7B 2021

Building 8A 2010

Building 8B 2021

Building 9A 2010

Building 9B 2021

Building 11A 2010

Building 11B 2021

Building 14A 2010

Building 14B 2021

Building 16A 2010

Building 16B 2021

Building 30A 2010

Building 30B 2021

Building 37A 2010

Building 37B 2021

About the author 

Siobhan Bankier

Masters student in Public History at Queens University Belfast. Grew up in Northumberland and have always been fascinated by the history of the area.
Berwick Heritage Open Days social media curator.