Berwick Heritage Open Days Steering Group

The Team

Linda Bankier is the Berwick Archivist and has run the Berwick Record Office for many many years. She has over 30 years experience delving into the archives of Berwick and North Northumberland,  researching the history of people and unearthing unusual stories and information about the area in the past.
Linda also enjoys encouraging people to use the archives to understand and celebrate our rich and unique heritage.

Dr Catherine Kent is an historian with a background in architecture. She enjoys unpicking the history of buildings and landscapes and has raised suspicion among Berwick residents by staring too long at their garden walls.

Jim Herbert worked at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery for over twenty years. He now writes blog posts for Berwick Time Lines, conducts guided tours around Berwick and gives talks. He finds all periods of the Berwick’s history fascinating but his great love is Berwick Castle and the medieval walls which he has studied meticulously for many years.

Sophie Howard Sophie has worked for English Heritage since 2016, and has been lucky enough to work at multiple properties in the North East, one of which is Berwick Barracks. She has an interest in local history and loves sharing it with others.

Siobhan Bankier, final year History student at Queens University Belfast. Grew up in Northumberland and have always been fascinated by the history of the area.
Berwick Heritage Open Days social media curator.

Homer Lindsay, a retired Global ERP Financial Applications Analyst and Developer with an interest in people; places; photography.

A member of the Berwick Heritage Open Days Steering Group and its website developer.