Berwick Through Time 2021

Berwick is full of fascinating buildings and landmarks. Bookmark this page to see a new featured building/landmark each day..

Here's your chance to find out something new about some of Berwick's historic buildings and structures. Researched and presented by local people, a new entry is added each day of Heritage Open Days to build up a gallery of structures. Select and click a tab below to reveal more.

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  • 10th: Berwick Barracks: 300 Years
  • 11th: Stepping Through Time
  • 12th: 16th Century Wall Painting  
  • 13th: The building that never was...
  • 14th: Berwick Old Bridge Archives
  • 15th: St Andrew's Church
  • 16th: 14 & 16 Hide Hill                   
  • 17th: Sea View Works at Spittal
  • 18th: Tweedmouth Parish Church
  • 19th: Building Nostalgia Quiz

Berwick Buildings Nostalgia Quiz

What does this building look like today?

Round 2 of our Berwick Then and Now Quiz investigates the more recent history of Berwick through a series of photographs taken in 2009 and 2010. You may not think much has changed in the town over the last decade but this quiz will provoke some unexpected nostalgia and restore your faith in our modern high street.