Castle Parks Wildlife Watch

Take part in the Wildlife Survey : Download the survey of birds, insects and bees

Friends of Berwick Castle Parks

Coronation and Castle Vale Parks have been surveyed for wildlife weekly for the past 2 years as part of the BTO Garden birdwatch scheme. Our records show that these are the birds and insects you are likely to see in the Parks at this time of year.

Using the downloadable sheet have a wander round the Castle Parks and see how many of these birds and insects you can see. A fun activity for all the family. 

About the author 

Linda Bankier

Linda Bankier is the Berwick Archivist and has run the Berwick Record Office for many many years. She has over 30 years experience delving into the archives of Berwick and North Northumberland, researching the history of people and unearthing unusual stories and information about the area in the past.
Linda also enjoys encouraging people to use the archives to understand and celebrate our rich and unique heritage.