From Ditch To Bastion Virtual Tour

“I must admit the new wall is marvellous beautiful”, an opinion voiced to Queen Elizabeth about the bastioned fortifications in 1568. But what else did he have to say?
In this, the most northerly Heritage Open Days event, Jim Herbert takes you on a journey amongst the northern mediaeval defences of Berwick that actually saw some action in the Anglo-Scottish wars and bear witness to the changes in technology from the earliest ditch defence to the 16th-century bastions. The tour takes in Spades Mire, Bell Tower and Lord’s Mount. Enjoy this walk this year from the comfort of your own home and any part of the world!

Please be aware that videos will open for viewing from 00:00 on 9th until 18th September 2022

About the author 

Jim Herbert

Jim Herbert worked at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery for over twenty years. He now writes blog posts for Berwick Time Lines, conducts guided tours around Berwick and gives talks. He finds all periods of the Berwick’s history fascinating but his great love is Berwick Castle and the medieval walls which he has studied meticulously for many years.