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Question 1: Which Churchyard does this gate look into?

Answer: Berwick Parish Church

This view into the churchyard of Berwick’s Holy Trinity Parish Church is taken looking directly from east to west from the walls towards the parade car park. The spire of St Andrew’s Wallace Green can also be seen in the background. Holy Trinity is a rare example of a Commonwealth era church that was constructed during the period of Oliver Cromwell. It is one of only two flat-roofed churches of this period in England.

Question 2: Where in Berwick would you find this passage through the walls?

Answer: The Quayside

The Sally Port is an alley which runs through Berwick’s Elizabethan walls from the Quayside to Bridge Street, emerging beside The Magna Tandoori Indian restaurant. It would originally have been a busy lane leading from the bustling quayside filled with boats and people.

Question 3: What street does this lane lead off?

Answer: Bridge Street

Shoe Lane is an alley running from Bridge Street to Eastern Lane. Its name derives from the former shoe factory situated there which was converted into houses by Berwick Preservation Trust in 1993.

Question 4: What building on the Walls is this?

Answer: The Gymnasium Gallery

The Gymnasium Gallery was built in 1901 for the King’s Own Scottish Borderer’s Regiment who had been based in Berwick Barracks since 1887. Many original features of this building remain and have incorporated into its role as an art gallery for over 20 years.

Question 5: Where in Berwick would you find this sign?

Answer: Silver Street

This old sign can be found outside Limoncello and behind the Halifax Bank of Scotland at the bottom of Hide Hill.

Question 6: Formerly known as Caesar’s Palace where would you find this building?

Answer: Hide Hill

This building on Hide Hill has entertained many people over the years in its capacity as a cinema, bingo hall, nightclub and concert venue. Today it resides above a barbers and Indian restaurant.

Question 7: With an inscription reading 18 JW 95, what Berwick Hotel is pictured?

Answer: The Elizabethan Hotel

The initials JW stand for John Weatherston, a local builder during the later Victorian period.

Question 8: Where is this well preserved carved ‘Police’ sign found?

Answer: The Police Station

Berwick Police Station was built at the turn of the 20th century. There was a competition to design the building which was won by Robert Burns-Dick of Newcastle.

Question 9: Which Bridge Street business is on the premises formerly occupied by Wm Cowe & Sons for over 100 years?

Answer: Audela

Audela restaurant now inhabits the former premises of Wm Cowe & Sons, a grocers and makers of the famous Berwick Cockles. The business closed in 2010 and the building has since been bought and renovated by Advance Northumberland.

Question 10: In front of which historic Berwick building is Bari Bear pictured?

Answer: The Main Guard

The Main Guard in Palace Green was originally situated on Marygate but was painstakingly moved in 1815 to its present site.

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Siobhan Bankier

Masters student in Public History at Queens University Belfast. Grew up in Northumberland and have always been fascinated by the history of the area.
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