Online Quiz 2021; Hard Level Further Information

Question 1: Where would you find this quaint alley?

Answer: Knowe Head, Tweedmouth

Knowe Head alley runs from the new bridge to Kiln Hill, parallel to Tweedmouth Main Street and Dock Road.

Question 2:  In which bastion on Berwick’s Elizabethan walls would you find this replica cannon?

Answer: Cumberland Bastion

Cumberland bastion, situated in Castlegate car park is one of the earliest and best-preserved bastions of Berwick’s Elizabethan Walls. The pictured cannon is a replica of artillery from a later period.

Question 3: Where would you find this imposing terrace of Victorian villas?

Answer: The Crescent, Spittal

This terrace was built by the three Boston Brothers (Robert, Peter and James). Originally they planned to build a further 4 houses but this was abandoned by 1896, this incompletion is still visible.

Question 4:  Outside which Tweedmouth pub would you find this ancient mounting stone erected in the 16th century?

Answer: The Thatch

Stones like these were used by people to mount their horses and would have been common throughout the town.

Question 5: Where in Berwick would you find this plaque?

Answer: Next to the Gymnasium Gallery on the outside of the Barracks

There is no known date for this apparently blank shield plaque. At one time it is possible that there was a painted design but exact details are unknown.

Question 6: Which first school is pictured?

Answer:  Spittal First School

Spittal First School, previously known as Spittal Council School, was opened in 1908 for girls boys and infants.

Question 7: The painter Thomas Sword Good was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed, lived in the town most of his life and died in his Berwick home on which this plaque is found. But where did Sword Good live?

Answer: Quay Walls

The artist Thomas Sword Good, known for his portraits and genre work, was born in Berwick and died in house on Quay Walls.

Question 8: Where is this sign ‘Customs & excise no parking’ found?

Answer:  Palace Green, Berwick

This sign in Palace Green is on the rear of a building which was formerly a customs house. The building was also used as a hospital during the First World War.

Question 9: Where would you find this former shopfront?

Answer:  Middle Street, Spittal

This former shopfront is testament to Spittals’ independent past as an independent village both economically, socially and culturally.

Question 10: Which Berwick building lies behind this door?

Answer: St Andrew’s Wallace Green

St Andrew’s Wallace Green Church of Scotland moved to its current site in June 1859 after relocating from Golden Square. The church continues to operate, host community events and is one of very few Church of Scotland churches in England.

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