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Question 1:  Which Berwick house is this scary creature guarding?

Answer: Lions House

The Lions House is an early nineteenth century house which occupies a prominent position on the town’s Elizabethan Walls. The painter L.S. Lowry, who spent a lot of time in the town during the 1930s, supposedly enquired into buying this house but these plans never came to fruition. By 1971 it was in a state of disrepair and in danger of being demolished but in 1972 it was purchased by Colonel Jim Smail and presented to the Berwick-upon-Tweed Preservation Trust who provided for its restoration. Today it is available as a holiday let.

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Question 2:  This sign can be found on Berwick’s historic walls next to the Sandgate but what lies on the outside of the walls here?

Answer: The Quayside

Sandgate is one of four gates or ports that currently connect the inside and outside of the town’s walls. Sandgate opens out onto Berwick’s picturesque quayside which is now home to some good cafes but was once a hub of trade which was once central to Scotland’s import and export trade. The quayside continued to be a busy centre of trade into the twentieth century.

Question 3:  Thankfully most keys aren’t this big, but what building does this enormous old key open?

Answer: The Gunpowder Magazine

Built in 1751 this Gunpowder Magazine served the Berwick Barracks. It is separate from the Barracks complex to limit potential explosion damage. This building is not normally open to the public but we are delighted to be able to open it for free on Heritage Open Days.

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Question 4: This bear known as Bari was carved in 2017 by the artist David Graves, but where in Berwick can it be found?

Answer: Next to the Railway Station

The Berwick Bear sculpture is made from reclaimed wood and was carved in 2017 by David Graves as part of the Berwick Castle Parks Sculpture Trail Project. The Bear was named Bari, like our own Heritage Open Days mascot, because “Bari” is a Berwick dialect word meaning “really nice”.

Question 5:  On which bridge would you find this sign?

Answer: The Old Bridge

Berwick Bridge, or the Old Bridge as it is known by locals, is a 355 meter long bridge with 15 arches that spans the River Tweed. Construction began in 1611 but the bridge was not completely finished until 1634. It carried the A1 road until 1928 and remains a main route to take traffic out of the town.

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Question 6:  At the bottom of which hill would you find this pillar?

Answer: Bankhill

This pillar of unknown origin can be found at the bottom of Bankhill, which runs under the New Bridge. Further up this steep section of the wall’s circuit you can find an eighteenth century ice house. This enormous store is not normally open to the public but can be accessed on Heritage Open Days weekend.

Question 7:  This seal is a new addition to Berwick’s art and wildlife scene, but where in the town can you find it?

Answer: New Road

This seal is the newest addition to Berwick’s sculpture scene. Unveiled on 27th February 2022 it bares the inscription “Go now selkie-boy, swim far from the shore. Rinse your ears clean of human chatter”.

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Question 8:  In which park can you find these questions on the ground?

Answer: Castle Vale Park

These plaques can be found in the cobbles at the viewing area in Castle Vale Park which looks out over the Royal Border Bridge.

Question 9:  This well can be found on the New Road that runs along the north bank of the River Tweed, but what is it called?

Answer: Conqueror’s Well

The plaque on the well tells us it was erected in 1882 and named after "an early 18th century watch and clockmaker, Peter Conqueror”.

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Question 10:  Berwick’s historic features require a lot of maintenance to preserve them for the future, but which particular iconic place lay behind this wall during renovations?

Answer: The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge was renovated between autumn 2020 and summer 2021, £900,000 was spent waterproofing the bridge deck, relaying the road surface and footpaths, repairing the masonry and installing new LED lighting.

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