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Question 1: Which Berwick school was formerly known as Bell Tower School?

Answer: Holy Trinity First School

Bell Tower School lies between Northumberland Avenue and High Greens. It was built in 1903 as Bell Tower Infant School and became a senior school in 1932, later becoming Berwick Secondary Modern School which closed in 1975. Between 1976 and 1987 the buildings were used as an annex for Berwick Middle School but since then they have housed Holy Trinity Church of England Aided First School. The building was requisitioned by the army as a Military Hospital during the First World War and the school met in the Fisherman’s Mission building, Low Greens.

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Question 2: Where would you find this plaque?

Answer: Wallace Green Council Offices

The former Council Offices in Wallace Green was originally built as a jail designed by Thomas Brown, a well-known architect of Scottish prisons, originally built as a jail, opened in 1849 and closed as a prison in 1878. In 1892 it was taken over by the Urban Sanitary Authority (a branch of the local council responsible for public health) and it remained a council administrative building until 2016. It is currently under redevelopment to become private housing.

Question 3: What is the name of the Berwick lane pictured?

Answer: Eastern Lane

Eastern Lane runs parallel with West Street between Bridge Street and Marygate. It was originally a densely populated area of the town as it was next to a granary (now the Maltings Theatre and Arts Centre).

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Question 4: On which Berwick street would you find this bust of Wellington?

Answer: Palace Street

This bust of Wellington sits over the door of a property in Palace Street at the bottom of Berwick. The Duke of Wellington was a prominent military and political figure during the 19th century, he served as Prime Minister twice and defeated Napoleon in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo.

Question 5: Which gate in the town’s historic walls is pictured?

Answer: Nessgate

This gate was not part of the original walls but was built in 1811 to give access to the newly built pier and Pier road. Nessgate opens out on to wonderful views out to sea.

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Question 6: In which building would you find this?

Answer: Berwick Town Hall

Berwick Town Hall was built in the 1750s/60s and replaced an earlier building on the same site. The gaol upstairs was an original feature of the building and was used until 1849. Tours are available in the summer (post-COVID).

Question 7: Which Church is pictured and where is it situated?

Answer: Our Lady and St Cuthbert Catholic Church, Ravensdowne

Berwick’s only Catholic Church Our Lady and St Cuthbert was built in 1829 and extended in 1880. The building is situated on Ravensdowne because at the time of its construction it was forbidden to have Catholic places of worship on prominent streets. Local gentry from the surrounding area including Haggerston and Berrington were great supporters of the church.

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Question 8: Where would you find this shelter?

Answer: Spittal Promenade

This 1930 art deco shelter on Spittal Promenade is a reminder of its past as a popular seaside resort.

Question 9: Which Berwick building houses these bells?

Answer: Berwick Town Hall

The Town’s bells can be found in the bell tower of the Town Hall. There are nine bells, originally cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London, and resorted for the millennium. They ring on special occasions and the Curfew Bell is rung nightly at 8pm, originally to signify the closing of the gates into the town.

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Secret Berwick Quiz 'Easy'

Question 10: What building does this door belong to?

Answer: Berwick Visitor’s Centre

Formerly a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Berwick Visitor’s Centre was opened 2019 to showcase the history of Berwick. Since opening the Centre has been very popular with locals and visitors alike.

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