Online Quiz – Hard Level Further Information

Question 1: On which Berwick building would you find this feature?

Answer: Former Berwick Community Centre

The Former Community Centre was built as a private house during the 1750s and turned into a school in the 1860s. After the Second World War it became a Community Centre which it operated as until 2015. It has now been purchased by Berwick Youth Project and will become housing for young people.

Question 2:  Where would you find this?

Answer: The Lion's House Allotments behind Ravendsowne

This building can be found in the Allotments behind Ravensdowne. It is one of two (originally three) ice houses on the street and this window shows its upper access point.

Question 3: Where in Spittal would you find this strange stone?

Answer: North Greenwich Road

This stone marks the boundary of land owned by Greenwich Hospital in Spittal. There used to be a row of them all through the village but this is this the only one that remains. Greenwich Hospital was created as the Royal Hospital for Seamen in 1692.

Question 4: Where in Berwick would you find the Maclagan Memorial?

Answer: Well Close Square

Maclagan Memorial was built in 1892 by public subscription to commemorate the work of Dr Philip Whiteside Maclagan, a local Doctor and naturalist. Originally situated in Marygate it was moved to the Infirmary during the 1920s when traffic became heavier. It has been on its present site since the 1990s

Question 5: On which street would you find this house with balconies?

Answer: Palace Street East

This ornate house can be found on Palace Street East, opposite the Avenue. In 1901 William Patterson, a Foreman Draper, lived here with his sister.

Question 6: Where in Berwick was the ‘Charity School’ situated?

Answer: Ravensdowne

Ravensdowne Charity School was founded in 1725 by Captain Bolton and it educated both boys and girls. Rebuilt and enlarged in 1842 it eventually merged with the National School in the Parade. All pupils were clothed in blue for the duration of their education.

Question 7: Where would you find this Gatepost?

Answer: North Greenwich Road, Spittal

The Berwick and Tweedmouth Gaslight Company was formed in 1845. The company was still in operation in 1932.

Question 8: Which former school is pictured?

Answer: Spittal National School

Spittal National School was opened on 12th May 1873 and in its first year it had 41 pupils. In 1907 the National School and the British School were amalgamated and moved into the newly built Spittal Council School (now Spittal First School).

Question 9: There are many strange cobbled lanes in Berwick but which one is this?

Answer: Weddells Lane

Weddells Lane connects Palace Street East with Foul Ford. The Lane could have been named after Robert Weddell, a Solicitor who lived in No. 4 Palace Street East.

Question 10: Where would you find this funny green man?

Answer: Holy Trinity and St Mary Parish Church

Although this man is not green in colour this type of carving is known as a ‘Green Man’ because it depicts a man surrounded by foliage. This is now part of Holy Trinity Parish church but it is possible that it predates the building and originally came from the Earl of Dunbar, George Hume’s Jacobean palace which stood on the site of Berwick Castle and was torn down to build the church.

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