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Question 1: Where in Spittal would you find this painted wall?

Answer: Sandstell Road

This wall in Sandstell Road was part of Boston Brothers Fishery Works. Here women gutted the herring brought in by fishermen, they were very skilled and were paid according to the number of fish they gutted so they worked very fast and accurately.

Question 2: What feature does this crown sit on top of?

Answer: Jubilee Fountain

Paid for by Captain F.M. Norman this impressive structure was erected for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and presented to the borough.

Question 3: Next to which car park would you find this wall?

Answer: Coxon’s Lane

This wall visible outside Coxon’s Lane Car Park is all that remains of the Good Templars Hall (built in 1874), a building and organisation that promoted temperance

Question 4: Where in Berwick would you find this beautiful doorway?

Answer: Love Lane

Love Lane connects Bridge Street and New Road, this lovely little door is tucked away and easily passed by.

Question 5: Which Berwick building lies behind these gates?

Answer: Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Parish Church

Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Parish Church is England’s most northerly Parish but it is also one of two surviving Cromwellian Churches. Built in the 1650s, without chancel, alter, organ tower or bells. The flat roof sets it apart from Berwick’s other landmarks.

Question 6: Where in Berwick would you find this street art?

Answer: Ravensdowne

A recent addition to the Berwick landscape

Question 7: Can you identify this structure?

Answer: Spa Well, Spittal

From the early 19th century Spittal was developed as a resort that attracted visitors for sea bathing and the restorative waters. The water from Spa Well contains important minerals that improve health and can be considered Spittal’s version of Bath.

Question 8: Which Berwick building is pictured?

Answer: St Andrew’s Wallace Green

This church was opened in 1859. The congregation originally met in Golden Square. The Church was Presbyterian until 1972 when it later transferred to the Church of Scotland.

Question 9: Where would you find these ornately decorated houses?

Answer: Wilson Terrace (Main Street), Spittal

These houses are known as Wilson’s Terrace and during Spittal’s heyday as a seaside resort they operated as boarding houses. Built in 1878 by William Wilson, local architect and funerary sculptor they demonstrate the Victorian love of decoration.

Question 10: On what well known piece of Berwick’s military history does this double-headed eagle appear?

Answer: The Russian Gun, Fishers Fort

The Russian Gun was gifted to the town after the Crimean War. Originally it was going to be sited where the War Memorial is now in Castlegate but it was decided to place it on the walls.

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