Replay: Building Berwick’s Town Hall

A recording of the Online Talk 'Building Berwick's Town Hall' introduced by Linda Bankier and presented by local historian, Jim Herbert, delivered on Friday 17th September 2021.

The building of Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Hall is a fascinating story. In this talk, local historian Jim Herbert talks about the history of the many ‘tollbooths’ on the site of our present one.

The Town Hall in Berwick is an iconic building dominating Marygate. There has been a building on this site for many centuries but not the one we can see now. Having studied the building records and examined the fabric of the building (down to individual planks), Jim Herbert now presents his findings which tells a very different story from the accepted one.

About the author 

Jim Herbert

Jim Herbert worked at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery for over twenty years. He now writes blog posts for Berwick Time Lines, conducts guided tours around Berwick and gives talks. He finds all periods of the Berwick’s history fascinating but his great love is Berwick Castle and the medieval walls which he has studied meticulously for many years.