Video Tours

An innovative alternative to live tours during the coronavirus pandemic

Berwick HODS has created a series of video tours for 2020 based on our normal programme of guided walks. Here's your chance to experience them from the comfort of your own home. Then, why not come and do them in person at some stage? 

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Please be aware that Video Tours will open for viewing from 00:00 on 11th until midnight on 30th September 2020*

* availability extended by popular demand

Berwick Castle Tour

This video tour presented by local historian Jim Herbert uses maps and reconstructions to tell its story and shows there’s more that remains than meets the eye.

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Elizabethan Walls

Led by local historian Jim Herbert, this walk gives an insight into the history of these unusual walls that encircle the town.

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Medieval Tweedmouth

Join local historian, Dr Catherine Kent in a video through Tweedmouth’s historic core, discovering how local and national events from pre-Roman to Elizabethan times have defined and shaped the streets we see today.

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Riverside Walls

After Edward I stormed Berwick in 1296, he set about building the first town walls.

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South Prospect of Berwick-upon-Tweed

This film explores one of the best known antiquarian views of Berwick which was published in 1745 by the Yorkshire brothers Nathaniel and Samuel Buck. We examine how it was created and ask how accurate it is before looking at some of the obvious, and not so obvious details that tell us a little about Georgian Berwick.

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The Main Guard

In 1682 a Main Guard building stood in front of the Town Hall. By 1725, it had moved up Marygate to a site opposite Eastern Lane. However, complaints about its location led to a new Main Guard being built in 1743 in the area in front of the former Berwick Advertiser offices. It was then dismantled in 1815 and rebuilt on its present site in Palace Green.

Zoreen Hill takes us on a tour of the building and explains further its history.

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From Ditch to Bastion

“I must admit the new wall is marvellous beautiful”, an opinion voiced to Queen Elizabeth about the bastioned fortifications in 1568. But what else did he have to say?

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Join local Archivist, Linda Bankier as she leads you on a walk to discover the stories of the families who lived and worked in the cottages and smoke houses of the Greenses.

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Tweedmouth West End

This video tour, led by local historian Jim Herbert, sheds light on many aspects of old Tweedmouth, from medieval parliaments, to a thriving community of pubs, churches and its forgotten industries.

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Hodgson the War Poet

There is a connection between Noel Hodgson and Berwick Holy Trinity Church, as his father was the vicar there until 1914. This is a video describing that connection.

William Noel Hodgson MC (3 January 1893 – 1 July 1916) was an English poet of the First World War. During the war, he published stories and poems under the pen name Edward Melbourne.


The Stained Glass Windows of Berwick Parish Church

This short film is an introduction to the stained glass in Holy Trinity Church, Berwick and is a taster which hopefully might inspire the viewer to visit Berwick and the Church to see the rest. These windows (except one) were introduced in mid-19th century by a congregation enthusiastic about glorification in the reign of Queen Victoria.
by kind permission of Berwick Parish Church